Rae Simpson


I believe that God lead me to a good hearing therapist before my hearing loss which is at the lower end of the scale became and issue. My father had become a problem by resisting hearing aids and I did not want to follow that track.   My husband says he repeats himself far less frequently when I wear hearing aids. As a Christian, I believe that I owe it to others to use hearing aids, rather than to expect them to make undue allowance for me.

I appreciate the aid of a good hearing loop.   If a loop is available, where possible, I compliment the sound technician if it is functioning well, and for the sake of others, comment if it is not.   Where there is a good sound system, I try my "T" position.   Recently, in a church with no signs regarding a hearing loop, I found that with my hand cupped round my ear, a loop gave slight advantage.  I told an administrator who was pleased to know and will follow through.

 I believe that I should make the most of available assistance, but encourage administrators of public buildings to provide the best system that is affordable.   I balk at the cost of hearing aids and building owners balk at the cost of sound systems!

 Rae Simpson,