Disability Sunday

We wanted to raise the profile of disability issues.  The first thing we did was to  write to all the churches asking them to include Disability Sunday into their lectionary.  This was very successful.

We are now working on providing various resources that people can use.


  • Pamphlet: Some ideas you might find helpful for disability awareness Sunday
  • Global Minsitries: Disability Awareness Sunday 2005
  • Massachusetts Council of Churches - The Accessible Church
  • Thoughts for Disability Sunday 2005
  • EDAN - Interim Theological Statement   (RTF format)  (PDF format)
  • Sermons & papers:
    Disability Sunday 1996 (Vicki Terrell)          (RTF format)    (PDF format)
    Trinity Sunday 2000 (Vicki Terrell)              (RTF format)    (PDF format)
    The Disproportionate Cross (Mary Caygill)  (RTF format)   (PDF format) (Podcast)
    - Bev Sutherland - Disability Sunday 2013
    - Mary Caygill's Sermons - see below
  • Books: (all should be available from Epworth Books)
    - May I walk you home by Joyce Hutchison & Joyce Rupp (aimed for caregivers)
    - Agonising Wounds by Yilma Tafere Tasew (Refugees and migrants with disabilities)
    - Face values by The Salvation Army
    - The God Walk, The Cross alk & The Freedom Walk all by Anna Johnstone
    - Mother Teresa - Living the word
    - Laughter, Silence & Shouting by Cathy Keary (contains the disabled beatitutes!)
    - Come healing God by Joan and Lou Huntzelman
    - The poetry of Tranquill moments by Brian Hardie
    - Psalms for the Road  by Joy Cowley (contains: A hymn to perfectiion)
    - In this hour: Liturgies for pausing by Dorithy McRae McMahon
  • Biographies:
    - Literacy my prize by Michael Marquet
    - The misguided child by Larry B Silver
    - Snapshots by Rod Macleod
    - Still me by Christopher Reeve
    - Which planet did you come from by Len Willing & Karen Mawhinney
    - Breaking the silence by Lorraine Moir
    - Seeking God by Joni Eareckson Tada
    - Two of everything by Jeff Jones
    - Daring to live on the edge by Loren Cunningham
    - Praying our goodbyes by Joyce Rupp
    - Me and my shadow by Carole Mackie
    - Never tell me never by Janine Shepherd
    - A gift of stories by Julie Leibrich
    - Still I stand by Terry Creagh
  • Hymns:
    - Fresh as the morning - Faith Forever Singing (Shirley Murray)
    - I am God's Child - Faith Forever Singing (Shirley Murray)
    - Let My Spirit Always Sing - Faith Forever Singing (Shirley Murray)
    - Who is My Mother? - Faith Forever Singing (Shirley Murray)
    - Brother, sister, let em serve you - Alleluia Aotearoa
    - Colour me free! - Alleluia Aotearoa
    - God is the one whom we seek together - Alleluia Aotearoa
    - God of all beauty - Alleluia Aotearoa
    - God of all time - Alleluia Aotearoa
    - God of freedom. God of justice - Alleluia Aotearoa
    - God of our everyday - Alleluia Aotearoa
    - Join Hands in the Spirit - Alleluia Aotearoa
    - Let justice roll down - Alleluia Aotearoa
    - Loving Spirit - Alleluia Aotearoa
    - Now as we go - Alleluia Aotearoa
    - Wake up! You're special! - Alleluia Aotearoa
    - Will you offer me compassion - Alleluia Aotearoa
    - Yes, as the clay - Alleluia Aotearoa


Mary Caygill's sermons

 Barnes - Disability Models

Head - Thanks be disabled

Goggin - Disabled Face

Melcher - Priestly Rationale

Swinton - Non Persons

Barnes - Disability Models

Eiesland - DIsabled God

Eiesland - Sacremental Bodies

Head - Thanks be Disabled

Hooks - Margin

Hull - Broken Body

Hull - In the Beginning

Newell - Who or What

Betcher - Monstrosities and Miracles

Davis - Disability the missing Term

Gaventa - Presence of a Third

McRuer - Compulsory able-bodiedness

Rieger - Margins

Wendell - Disability as Difference