• Oh Light Audio CD - The NZ Foundation for the Blind turned Oh Light into a talking book and were willing to share the audio with us so that a CD could be produced for anyone to listen to.
  • Oh Light inspirational book - This project was the product of a small but passionate group who believed it was time the spiritual and human perspective of people with disabilities was heard. And oh what wonderful gifts they have shared with us in this book. They write, reflect, pray and paint out of the depths of the anguish, the exhilaration, the despair, often with a sense of humour, the insight and the accomplishments of their ordinary human lives.

The production of the this wonderful book of poetry, prose and heartfelt emotions has been one of the most rewarding things the council members and contributors to the book have done.

We also now have this in audio format on a CD (courtesy of the Royal New Zealand Foundation for the Blind).

For further information and how to purchase the book, click HERE

For further information and how to purchase the audio CD, click HERE




  • Aims and Objects - ongoing journey to take these from theoretical to real life.
  • Disability Sunday - Collecting resources and getting this in church lectionaries. We are consulting mainstream churches with regard to their disability policies - do they have them? Reasons why they should consider the idea of a disability policy.... The importance of inclusion.... What can we (DSF Network) share with a church/congregation to improve or build a disability policy for their church
  • Creating Welcoming Churches - A booklet that helps churches examine all aspects of their life to enable the widest possible access for everyone, especially those with disabilities.