Disability focused groups:

Practical Drug, Device, & Healthcare Safety Information

capbul1a Arts Access Aotearoa
capbul1a Australian and New Zealand Art Therapy Association
capbul1a Autism New Zealand
capbul1a Brain & Spinal cord injuries
capbul1a Cancer Society 
capbul1a Capital & Coast District Health Board
capbul1a CCS Disability Action
capbul1a Cloud 9 Childrens Foundation
capbul1a Deaf Association of new Zealand
capbul1a Disability World
capbul1a Disabled Persons Assembly
capbul1a Disabled Travellers Guide
capbul1a DiversityWorks
capbul1a Dunedin Friend-Link
capbul1a Ecumenical Disability Advocate Network (EDAN)
capbul1a Enable New Zealand
capbul1a Epilepsy New Zealand
capbul1a Family Services (Governmental)
capbul1a Health & Disability Commissioner
capbul1a IHC
capbul1a Learning & Behaviour for Special Kids
capbul1a Life Unlimited
capbul1a MASH Trust Board
capbul1a Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand
capbul1a Multiple Sclerosis Society
capbul1a New treaty to play key role in affirming rights of disabled persons(Mar 2006
capbul1a New Zealand Aotearos Adolescent Health & Development
capbul1a Office for Disability Issues (Governmental)
capbul1a Parent to Parent
capbul1a People First 
capbul1a Post Polio Support Society
capbul1a Practical Drug, Device, & Healthcare Safety Information
capbul1a Quit Smoking - everyone benefits 
capbul1a Robert Wood Johnson Medical School - Elizabeth M Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities
capbul1a Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind
capbul1a Spirituality & Health
capbul1a Stair Lift Advisor (UK) - Aims to simplify the process of buying a stairlift and offers easy to understand advice.        Grants for Stairlifts
capbul1a Stroke Foundation of New Zealand & Health
capbul1a Talking up Disability
capbul1a Tautoko - Support for people with intellectual disabilities
capbul1a The Elizabeth M. Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities
capbul1a Touch Compass - Dance for people with mixed abilities
capbul1a UN convention on the rights of people with disabilities
capbul1a Vision network of New Zealand
capbul1a WEKA (What Everyone Keeps Asking)
capbul1a Wellington City Council
capbul1a Wellington ME/CFS support Group


Spirituality focused groups:

capbul1a Galaxies - Gay & Lesbian & Christian In Every Sphere
capbul1a Conference of Churches in Aotearoa/New Zealand
capbul1a The Methodist Church
capbul1a Robert Wood Johnson Medical School - Elizabeth M Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities - Faith based supports
capbul1a Sea of Faith Network (Wellington)
capbul1a New Zealand Faith Communiy Nurses Association
capbul1a Christian Ministries with Disabled Trust
capbul1a Massachusetts Council of Churches - The Accessible Church


Social Justice focused groups:

capbul1a Women's Resource Centre
capbul1a Anglican Social Justice Commission
capbul1a Churches Agency on Social Issues (CASI)

Articles about the Prince Albert Colledge trust (which contributed to the Disability, Spirituality & Faith conference.

capbul1a Student Christian Movement Aotearoa
capbul1a Tough Gloves made for wheelchair users
capbul1a Making a difference ...

Administrative links:

capbul1a Legislation - Charities Act You have to click on C and then Charities Act 2005
capbul1a Charities Commission
capbul1a A guide to the Charities Act (Charities Commission) a PDF is also available here

Websites by members of the Disabilty Spirituality and Faith network:

capbul1a Trish Harris - Ribbonwood Designs
capbul1a Pete Cowley - Website design, build, host & update, LP, Cassette & Reel tape to CD conversions.
capbul1a Gillian Bell - Caring Communication